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Tents are a must for anyone who wants to call themselves a real Minecraft survivor.

You can sleep in them, store stuff in them and be protected from mobs while looking cool in every camp.

Every tent's color is customizable with only a click of a dye!

Decoration Tent

Decoration Tent

The first tent is the decoration tent. This tent is purely decorative or used for acquiring other tents.

The tent can be rotated with a Camper's Tool.

Crafting Recipe

The decoration tent can be crafted with 5 canvas and 2 Tent Pegs.

Canvas Canvas Canvas Grid layout Arrow (small).png Tent
Canvas   Canvas
Tent Pegs   Tent Pegs

Storage Tent

Storage Tent

The storage tent is created by right-clicking on a decoration tent with a chest.

This tent acts like a chest but is has 36 slots instead of 27 (only clickable from the front).

The chest can be retrieved with a Camper's tool.

Sleeping Tent

Sleeping Tent

The sleeping tent is created by right-clicking on a decoration tent with a Sleeping Bag.

This tent acts just like a normal bed, but you can sleep outside and mobs will not be able to kill you (creepers included).

The sleeping bag can be retrieved with a Camper's Tool.

Sleeping Bag Crafting Recipe

      Grid layout Arrow (small).png Sleeping Bag
White Wool White Wool White Wool

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