Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife








This is the main tool in the mod. It lets you craft the tents, rotate them, get Sleeping Bags, lanterns or chests out of it, and it is a way to get a campfire back without losing it.

The basic tool has a durability of 100 and every action will cost you one.


  • Craft canvas (1 durability for 10 canvas, the tool stays in the crafting grid).
  • Craft Tent Pegs (1 durability for 4 tent pegs, the tool stays in the crafting grid).
  • Retrieve a sleeping bag, lantern or a chest out of a tent (the chest's contents will drop).
  • Retrieve a campfire without losing it (if the campfire has contents it will drop).
  • Rotate a tent.
  • Portable Crafting Bench:


Crafting Recipe

Rose Red Iron (Ingot) Rose Red Grid layout Arrow (small).png Camper's Tool
Rose Red Iron (Ingot) Rose Red
Rose Red Iron (Ingot) Rose Red


  • In Camping Mod 1 the Pocket Knife used to be called the Camper's Tool.

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