Grizzly Bear

The Grizzly bear is one of the two mobs added by this mod, to make the camping life a bit more colourfull!


The Grizzly spawns in forests and next to rivers in packs of 2 to 3. The bear is hostile against all humanoid entities (The player, Villagers, Campers and Zombies). Furthermore, it is possible to breed bears with a fish (be aware that baby bears a just as deadly).

Upon killed the bears drops Brown Fur. The Fur is needed to craft the Fur Armor.


  • Speed: Very Slow (about half of the players speed)
  • Health: High - 30 (a player has 20)
  • Attack: Frightening - 8 (it will deal a damage of 8 (from the 20) to a unarmored player)



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