Camping Inventory

The Camping inventory is a new type of player inventory. When installing the mod the inventory will replace the normal player inventory, this behavior, however, is configurable to fit your needs (openable by key, by a button in the player inventory).

The Camping Inventory consists of 4 tabs, the player tab, the backpack-tab, the crafting tab and the configuration tab. The player and configuration tab are both openable by default, the backpack-tab and the crafting tab both need a specific item to be placed in one of the tool slots to be used.

The Camping inventory has, as mentions above, 4 tool slots for specific tools that enable functions within the game (two of them are used to open up the tabs).


Tool Slots

  • Backpack-Slot, this is the top left slot, when a Backpack is placed in it the backpack-tab will be accessible.
  • Knife-Slot, this slot is the bottom left slot, when a Knife is placed in it the crafting tab will be opend.
  • Map-slot, this is the top right slot, when a map is placed in this slot a minimap equaling the map placed in the slot will be visible in the top-right corner of the screen. The player with the minimap is represented as a red dot on the map, other players will be represented as blue dots.


  • Lantern-Slot, this is the bottom-right slot, when a Lantern is placed in this slot the area around you will be lit. The Lantern will slowly become empty and it can be recharged with glowstone.



The player tab is equal to the standard Minecraft player inventory, the only difference is the existence of the four extra tool slots, visible across all tabs.



In the backpack tab, you can easily manage the contents of the Backpack. It is as if your inventory space has been incresed by 27 slots! Upon removal of the Backpack the contends of the backpack inventory are, of course, in the Backpack.



In this tab, an on-the-go 3*3 crafting-grid can be used. The Knife, used to open-up the tab, is also usable during crafting.



In the configuration tab, the behavior of the opening of the Camping Inventory can be managed. You have 3 main options:

  • Replace the standard player inventory
  • Add a button to the standard player inventory
  • Do nothing to the player inventory and use a key to open the Camping Inventory (the standard key is 'C').

The second option has 5 sub-options that will change the location of the button:

  • A nice looking button inside the player inventory
  • A simple button in the top-left of the screen
  • A simple button in the top-right of the screen
  • A simple button in the bottom-left of the screen
  • A simple button in the bottom-right of the screen


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