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While you are roasting a Marshmallow above a Campfire at your favorite camping spot, you don't want to be disturbed by hordes of monsters and wild animals. To get peace of mind, you can use a Bear Trap! Although Bear Traps are great to keep you safe during the night, as a full-fledged Camper you can use Bear Traps to trap and kill animals in the wild with ease. If it moves, a Bear Trap can catch it!


Hunting for Dmmies

Upon placing a Bear Trap on the ground, no animal nor monster will voluntarily walk into that lump of metal. To lure a creature into the trap, a 'bait' of some sort is needed. When you right-click a Bear Trap, you can place an item into it, the item will then be rendered (see the image below for an example with seeds) on the trap and will start luring mobs. However not any item is liked by any mob. Chickens, for example, will love seeds, whereas Rabbits rather eat carrots and undead creatures on the other hand, will not be able to withstand the smell of raw meat.

So, when you use a bear Trap for keeping you safe, using raw meat would be the best choice and if you use them to trap animals, proiding a bait that is liked by the animal you want to trap is a must!

When the proper bait is used, animals around the area of the trap will be drawn to it. When it touches the trap, it will close and the animal has no way to get out. When a creature is trapped, it constantly has a chance to get a Bleeding effect, because of it, they will lose health until they die.

A closed trap can be opened by right-clicking.

TrapWithSeeds.png TrapWithChick.png

Crafting Recipe

To craft a Bear Trap, 1 iron ingot and 4 Iron Sticks are needed.

  Iron Stick   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Bear Trap
Iron Stick Iron (Ingot) Iron Stick
  Iron Stick   Grid layout Shapeless.png

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