Arctic Fox

Arctic foxes are one of the mobs added by this mod.


Arctic foxes spawn in snowy biomes, you are most likely to find them in small packs of four.

Arctic foxes are master of disguise, very agile and thus hard to catch or find. Besides, the foxes are very afraid of the player and shall try to run away upon sight. The best way to catch them is by tempting them with some raw chicken, which is also used to breed the foxes.

Foxes are hostile towards Chickens.

Upon killed foxes drop White Fur. The Fur is needed to craft the Fur Armor.


  • Speed: Very High (when left alone these creatures will move not faster than any ordinary player, however when hunted these quick and agile creatures will move very fast, nearly doubling the Players speed).
  • Health: Low - 10 (a player has 20)



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