This mod comes with a couple of achievements, You can view them in game by opening the achievement menu and clicking on the button that says: "minecraft".

Achievement List

All the achievements
  • Achievement 1: First things first! Make a camper's tool.
  • Achievement 2: Fast-Food! Plant some radish.
  • Achievement 3: Bitter-Sweet! Eat some radish.
  • Achievement 4: Campfires! Make a campfire.
  • Achievement 5: Campfire tales! Cook some marshmallows.
  • Achievement 6: Cooking efficient! Make the multi-cooking campfire.
  • Achievement 7: Power cooker! Make the Fast-cooking campfire.
  • Achievement 8: We don't need coal! Make the Cheap-cooking campfire.
  • Achievement 10: Campfire legend! Make the Insta-cooking campfire.
  • Achievement 11: The beginning of tents! Make some tent parts.
  • Achievement 12: Tents are awesome! Make a tent.
  • Achievement 13: The power of storage! Make a storage tent.
  • Achievement 14: Sleepover! Make a sleeping tent.
  • Achievement 15: Trading! Take a look at the camper trading.
  • Achievement 16: Learning! Read a guide book.
  • Achievement 17: Portable storage! Make a small camping bag.
  • Achievement 18: Storge-More! Make a normal camping bag.
  • Achievement 19: Hiking trip! Make a large camping bag.

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