The campfire is the most important part of your camp.

You can cook with it, while also dispensing light and being the best way to decorate your camp.

In the Camping Mod there are 5 types of campfires, all with different features:

Decoration Campfire

The decoration campfire is your first and most basic campfire, though that doesn't mean it is useless.


  Torch   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Decoration Campfire
Torch Flint Torch
Stone Stone Stone

Multi-Cooking Campfire

Multi-Cooking Campfire.png

The Multi-Cooking Campfire is The best way to cook a lot of stuff. It has 6 slots of internal storage instead of 1, so you can cook 6 things at the same time, although it takes a lot longer to cook.


  Furnace   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Campfire Multicooker
Furnace Decoration Campfire Furnace

Fast-Cooking Campfire

Fast-Cooking Campfire.png

The Fast-Cooking Campfire is the best way to cook stuff fast. It only has 1 slot of internal storage, but your food will cook 5 times faster than in a normal furnace.


  Flint and Steel   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Campfire Fastcooker
Flint and Steel Decoration Campfire Flint and Steel
  Flint and Steel  

Cheap-Cooking Campfire

Cheap-Cooking Campfire.png

The Cheap-Cooking Campfire is perfect if you are low on coal and want to take just a little bit more out of your ores. It has 2 slot of internal storage, and the things will cook 4 times slower.

No coal is needed because of the Ender Pearl, as your cooking process is a little bit more magical.


  Ender Pearl   Grid layout Arrow (small).png Cheap Campfire
Ender Pearl Decoration Campfire Ender Pearl
  Ender Pearl  

Insta-Cooking Campfire

Insta-Cooking Campfire.png

The Insta-Cooking Campfire is perfect for just everything. It doesn't have a GUI, but if you right click it with the proper item it will be cooked instantly!


      Grid layout Arrow (small).png Campfire Instacooker
  Campfire Fastcooker  
Campfire Multicooker Decoration Campfire Cheap Campfire

Campfire Comparison Chart

Feature Decoration Campfire Multi-Cooking Campfire Fast-Cooking Campfire Cheap-Cooking Campfire Insta-Cooking Campfire
Will light entities on fire Yes
Will light up the environment Yes
Change 2 sticks into 1 torch if you right click it with a stick. Yes
Drops 3 torches when broken, unless you use a Camper's Tool, which allows it to be retrieved. Yes
If you right click the campfire with a Minecraft color your campfire will be colored Yes
Flame particle color Default flame particle Green Blue Gray Red
Cooking slots 0 6 1 2 1
Cooking speed (compared to furnace) 0 0.4 5 1 Instant
Additional notes Can't cook None 15% change that your output gets doubled and a 25% chance that your item won't get destroyed Right click with the item to cook, only cooks food

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